Back to (Old) School

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My “brand” in college…’tis the season for new habits.

Social media is a constantly evolving and pretty fun beast that I’m more than happy to wrestle with most of the time. On other days, I’m so tired.

I leave digital crumbs all over the place, but there hasn’t been one place where I can keep a consistent record of everything that’s amused me. Each network has its own drawback.

Facebook: my “friends” now encompass too many different groups of people that to share stuff freely feels like I’m presuming they all care—which they don’t, so I don’t share.

Instagram: my maybe-one-true-love that nonetheless exerts a pressure to curate, curate, curate, so I never feel like I can tell the full story.

Snapchat: welp, things disappear.

Tumblr: there was Tumblr for a long time, but my friends have left, and the general narrative around the site under Yahoo just makes it seem like a sad place, sorry.

And this is how I’ve found myself back on WordPress, eager to carve out a place for some focused, visually-driven content dumping. Twice a year I get the urge to “start a blog,” but this time around it’s really happening.

Also, I’m just really excited to write “headlines” that don’t have to be optimized for anything. Anything goes!


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