Los Angeles, finally

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Abbott Kinney Blvd. in Venice—peak hip, but can’t help but love… 

I‘ve been dreaming of L.A. for over a year—ever since I started my job and got converted into a midcentury modern architecture enthusiast, ever since I began noticing I follow way too many L.A. fashion people on Instagram and their outfits/backdrops were lit AF, ever since the Times took note of NY creatives’ exodus out west, ever since I became obsessed with an old 30 Seconds to Mars song with the most goosebump-inducing video (to me, anyway.)

So yeah: my vacation/first trip to L.A. this past summer has been a long time coming, at least in my head. Things became more concrete when my best college friends and bf decided we’re going to Pi Reunion in Vegas—a class reunion for MIT folk, what else—and a good number of us were also down to spend some extra time in the city of angels afterwards. Then came email threads, a Homeaway reservation, BoA/Venmo transactions, Spotify playlist-making, tagging one another in Instas of various L.A. food establishments…(my god, how did people plan vacations before Technology?) and finally, mid-July swung by!

Vegas was a whirlwind of the best, most Vegas kind—with two straight nights of 4 am Walgreens runs (#idk)—and by the time the Dream Team gathered in the minivan for our four-hour drive, vacation seemed to have truly begun.

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As “Route 66” as we got…

My first surprise: I had thought, for probably no good reason other than that we were “in the west now,” that’d we’d be driving through a Route 66-style historic highway with one lane in each direction, virtually no cars, flanked by otherworldly red rock desert landscapes.

But nope: most of the highways—sorry, freeways—we took from Vegas to LA were not entirely unlike what we have in the Northeast. Multiple lanes. Lots of cars. The only difference is the abundance of cool, desert-y plants (California flora, I would learn during the course of our stay, is simply sublime.)

Eventually we got to our Homeaway in Venice, made loose plans for the next couple of days, passed out, and woke up the next morning with the perfect L.A. weather people love to gush about. We gathered in the garden with our coffees and music, taking turns photographing each other sitting under a persimmon tree.  

Then we got busy. Proof is in these shots, among my faves from the trip.

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A dreamy first brunch in the city @ Commissary

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“Brain tree” in Santa Monica!

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Love the trees…This is at the rooftop garden of Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert hall

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Exploring the garden with my friend Allison

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This is turning into an ode to Cali trees…still at the garden

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A DTLA must-see: the Bradbury Building

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We stumbled upon Ilan Dei Venice, a gorgeous furniture/home goods shop on Abbott Kinney

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Classic palm trees in Echo Park!

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Manhattan Beach…where we pulled out the Zillow app and conspired to buy a beach house together; findings were not encouraging

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Dream Team was among the first to get to the Getty Center on a Thursday morning

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View towards downtown from the Getty…you’re pretty special, L.A.

A few final thoughts…

Fave meal: Oo-Kook all-you-can-eat K-BBQ in ktown—it may be the hoarder in me, but literally ordering down the menu and repeating from the top is so. satisfying.

Fave sight: The Getty Center surpassed my expectations, especially with the bliss of near-empty grounds at 10 am…(and sad to say, but I was “just whelmed” by Griffith Observatory…is it because I already saw too many A+ photos on Instagram???)  

Main takeaway: In L.A., any place you wanna get to is ~23 minutes away, but part of it will definitely be on the freeway.

New inside jokes:

  • Totem!
  • Hufflepuffs…
  • Youuuuuuu neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ♫

All photos by me

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