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Art / Style

delpozoSome seasons all my senses seem tuned into Fashion Month. This September was not one of those seasons. Yet I still couldn’t help but notice Delpozo’s Spring 2017 collection workin’ the special runway that is my Instagram feed.

Brimming with indulgent geometries, fantastical colors, and delicious volume and texture, Delpozo under Creative Director Josep Font is what #dreamcolorscheme is all about. Ahhhhhs. Sighhhhhs. Visceral reactions!

Anyway, as such, the only sketches I did this time around were of Delpozo.

(And apparently in the spring, too.)

Bonus! A Q&A with Josep Font, the designer behind it all 🙂

You are known for your use of color. Did you always have an eye for it?
Color is very important for me. We do color research before starting a new collection. For example, our Fall/Winter 2015 collection took the colorful palette of Australian artist Rhys Lee as inspiration. It is an element that also helps create visual volume and identity.

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