Perfect Fall Day

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In an unideal turn of events, it is now averaging 50 degrees over here in NYC and I am in full reminiscing mode: not even of gorgeous, sunny summer weather but of the crisp, mid-60s fall breeziness we seemed to be getting just a week or so ago. Where did that go. Why can’t it stay longer. I didn’t sign up for this.

In the mean time, at least I can reheat memories of a perfect fall day a couple weekends ago. For the record, my favorite season is still a tie between spring and summer, slightly skewing towards summer, but that one Autumn Saturday really took me by surprise. The East Coast does have somethin’ special to offer.


We started out with some apple picking at Apple Dave’s (about a 90-minute drive north of Manhattan), and it had everything you’d want in an apple picking trip: lots of trees, good variety, delicious apple donuts, live music, cute kiddos…would recommend. But be warned: you might come home in the evening to find that a couple people you know from the city had also tagged themselves there on Instagram…not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a…thing.


Autumn leaves at Apple Dave’s were a nice taste of what were were about to see later that day at Storm King Art Center, a 500-acre sculpture park in the Hudson Valley filled with fields, hills, woodlands, and, of course, over 100 sculptures…which I barely got to know because I was too busy soaking in the art of nature 😉

Sigh…no. filters. at. all. 


Try to spot Tal Streeter’s Endless Columnthe tallest sculpture at Storm King.


In my natural habitat 😉


The Arch by Alexander Calder, one of his last major works


Adam, one of three large-scale works by Alexander Liberman


This was fun and architectural: Low Building With Dirt Roof (For Mary) by Alice Aycock


Photo-op with a very large, very autumn-y tree


I called this the Apple product of Storm King sculptures…Untitledor ethereal, open cubes by David von Schlegell

If you’re in the tri-state area, definitely go to Storm King, definitely go during the fall. I’d love to take my family. And when I go back, I’d want to spend the whole day there, and be able to just sit for a while, or better yet, lie down.

Top image: A stroll through Storm King
All photos by me (unless I’m in them…then they’re by Jason 😉 ) 

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