#NoFilter: Thankful for Central Park

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As it turns out, “Perfect Fall Day” did not end with that glorious jaunt in upstate New York in late October—Mother Nature had another one in store for us.

For not much reason at all, J and I decided today would be spent walking around a park…said park ended up being Central Park because it’s the closest one, and c’mon now, Central Park never disappoints.

Cloudless sky. 60-degree weather. No obligations for the whole day. We took advantage of these blessings. Starting at about 11:30 am, we walked from Plowshares Coffee Roasters on the Upper West Side to the Central Park Conservatory Garden on the Upper East Side…to Vietnaam on 2nd Ave. for pho refuel…back west through the park…When I finally got home, it was dark (sigh) and I’d racked up nearly 19,000 steps (yippee!)

I kept saying how is this real as we walked, feeling ever grateful. It’s only right these snapshots are presented without filter…


Top image: Fall in Central Park
All photos by me or Jason!

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