Month: February 2017

Sephora Nice-to-Haves

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The best and worst thing about Sephora is that it never seems to run out of goodies you never knew you needed. There are many ways to run into this situation: Watching something from a beauty vlogger, trying to make the $50 minimum for free shipping, getting trapped so good by a free sample (or a birthday gift), feeling deservingly #treatyoself when the VIB $20 off email comes along… From one or more of the […]

My Bullet Journal Experience, 3 Months In

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I‘m an unabashed notebook hoarder, with 5 or 6 actively in use for specific purposes (e.g. “work,” “health,” “projects,” “church,” etc.) and many more blank beauties waiting in the reserves. So when a deluge of trend pieces on something called the “Bullet Journal” flooded the web over the last year, I was viscerally intrigued and responsibly hesitant…am I really going to do this? Add another one? Especially something that seems to come with the expectation of “being […]

Re: Style

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One of the things I love about fashion illustrators—and I suppose illustrators/artists in general—is that they tend to have their own distinct styles. When I first started casually doing fashion sketches two years ago, all I wanted was to develop my own style. But I thought: To get there, I’d have to experiment and keep my mind open. This means playing with different materials…which naturally lead to different levels of detail, texture, etc. Over time, […]