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One of the things I love about fashion illustrators—and I suppose illustrators/artists in general—is that they tend to have their own distinct styles. When I first started casually doing fashion sketches two years ago, all I wanted was to develop my own style.

But I thought: To get there, I’d have to experiment and keep my mind open. This means playing with different materials…which naturally lead to different levels of detail, texture, etc. Over time, I’d worked with pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolor, oil pastel, and in a few instances, glitter glue. It was fun.

Lately, for better or worse, out of laziness or affinity, I find myself gravitating towards using just pens—specifically the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen in soft brush (SB) black. It’s freeing and capable of endless dynamics. The result ends up very graphic and spirited.

I like it, but I’m also getting a bit of commitment phobia. Is my work stronger when there’s a consistent style? But do I lose something when I just stick to one thing? Will keep pondering…

And a bit of glitter glue randomness for contrast…

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