Spring Favorites

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In the spirit of appreciating #thelittlethings, I’m going to take a page (steal a scene?) from my favorite Youtube vloggers and start documenting the products, books, shows, music, etc. that I’ve been loving. Without further ado, here are bits and pieces of my spring 2017 ☼

1. Supported Fish PoseWhat I do before each yoga class; it’s the perfect antidote to scrunched-up-chained-to-the-computer-desk shoulders.

2. Nature Republic Herb Lotion (Bulgarian Rose/Peach)—Both smell so good, but more importantly, it goes on milky/smooth, which I prefer to thick/sticky. (They’re always in stock in stores.)

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon—First k-drama obsession in a few years! So charming, love, love, love.

4. EOS “Sweet Mint” Smooth Stick—These look so sleek and tbh, much more storage-friendly than the regular EOS balls. Also: It’s like $3.79 for two at Bed Bath & Beyond!!!

5. Umbra Woodrow trash bin in mint—I technically got this last fall, but finally evangelized about it on Curbed a couple of weeks ago.


6. Kestrel beauty bag—An amazing TJ Maxx checkout line discovery for $4.99; love that slim middle compartment for a little mirror. (Similar)

6. Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair BalmI’ve been using this every day to keep feet/heels smooth. I used to be able to find it for $3.99 at TJ Maxx but they’ve been gone  lately…$8.63 on Amazon, ugh. [EDIT: In the time it took to finish this post, my mom called to tell me she found me one at a New Jersey TJ Maxx, huzzah!

7. “Rosie” by John Mayer—♡♡♡

8. These articles on handwashing sweaters and such from Racked—because winter clothes need to be taken care of…by some point.

9. This is Parcel—Excellent tool for planning purchases…helped me “sleep on” (and move on from) some items this spring; my wallet thanks you 😉

10. Piano Dinner” and “Jazz for Sleep—Best Spotify playlists, basically.

11. Uniqlo house slipperscomfy, but breathable for spring!



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