Summer Favorites, aka A Season of Comfort Shoes

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I bought four pairs of shoes this spring/summer: Two have velcro closures, one pair are slides, and the last has a strap with elastics so it basically functions as slip-ons. This is me diving feet first into glorious Comfort Shoe Land. And it feels! So! Good!

In this process, I realized that to find comfortable, well-made shoes that aren’t boring, it’s well worth checking out brands that, well, er, specialize in shoes, like Cole Haan and Camper.

At Cole Haan, you might look for the most fun stuff. I found these floral sandals—I call them sneaker-sandals because that’s what they look and feel like—on sale in early spring. Note: velcro!


(My other two pairs of Cole Haans—silver loafers that someone once called Michael Jackson slippers and some light-as-air gold sneakers—are also super comfortable and were purchased on sale; now I just need these tassel loafers to go on serious sale or end up at TJ Maxx someway somehow.)

K200342-002_FAt Camper, you might look for some more normal stuff, because their shoes can get pretty freakin’ weird avant garde. A Racked staffer recently raved about a pair of black Kobo sandals (“The Sandals That Helped Me Walk 10 Miles a Day“), which I’d gotten in a different version—brown with a round buckle and white sole. I was deciding between these and a similar pair from Sam Edelman for half the price from DSW, but when I put the Campers on, it was like Cinderella-glass-slipper-level Game Over.

Wearing those darn Old Navy culottes again…

351316_834_ss_01Next up, these nude wedges from DSW just get the job done—the job being giving me comfort and height on a night out but still counts as work appropriate. Some 360 reviews averaging nearly 5 stars can’t be wrong. Velcro again, yahoo!

And finally…

The best value of the bunch…the MVP of my summer (ended up wearing them for 75 percent of my Europe trip)…has to be these rubbery Birkenstock Arizona “EVA” slides. They’re: lightweight, easy to clean (my major qualm with regular Birks), sturdier than they look, extremely comfortable, $35, and all I want to wear forever. I don’t even care about being short in them. That’s when you know it’s worth it.

FullSizeRender (2)

So long summer 2017! A season of happy feet 🙂

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