Riding the Roosevelt Island Tram

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On a moody Saturday last weekend, I visited Roosevelt Island for the first time via the tram, which is legit the coolest mode of transportation in the whole of New York City. The trip only lasted about four minutes, but the thrill was not lacking, since you, er, pretty much get to float over Midtown East like a drone! What? I tried to capture the whole ride back to the city in this video…

Roosevelt Island itself was curious, as well. I didn’t expect it to be so small—it’s only 0.15 miles wide; that’s like nothing when you’re looking for somewhere close to eat at on Yelp!—and the skyline views you get there are definitely not the same old.


When we went, the new Cornell Tech campus had been open for just about two weeks, showing off new buildings by Morphosis (who also did the unmistakable Cooper Union building in East Village) and Weiss/Manfredi (who also did the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitor Center). Jason, who’s a big fan of new construction and spacious private spaces accessible to the public, was pleased.

There are more residential areas to the north end of the island but we only ventured south, where we found, among other things: fun exercise equipment, an abandoned but preserved smallpox hospital (the island also used to house a prison and asylum), a cute little cat sanctuary, and a Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial park. Pas mal for an itty-bitty isle.



All photos by me unless I’m in them 😉

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