Fall Favorites

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Odes / Style

In keeping with the habit of tracking seasonal favorites (here’s summer and spring), these are all the things I’ve been loving this season…

1. ♪ Jazz Vibes on Spotify  ♫

This may be the one playlist I bring to a deserted island. I’ve been listening to it while working, relaxing, entertaining, dishwashing…anything!

2. Gucci Bloom

It’s the first scent from current Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele—and the first fragrance I’ve ever purchased after sampling an ad insert in a magazine. The main notes are jasmine and tuberose; this is the year I discovered I love white flowers.

3. Opening Ceremony drawstring bag

I’d been low-key hunting for a backpack for a while when it dawned on me that all I wanted was a bag I can carry hands-free and that is not ugly or boring. Those freebie nylon drawstring bags came to mind. I even entertained the idea of making my own for a a minute…but then found this one on sale for about $30. It’s been the VIP of my summer and fall day trips.

4. Duolingo Korean

Korean finally came to Duolingo this fall and I’m in love. For some reason(s) that I’m still pondering, Korean on Duolingo feels much more effective and satisfying than the other two courses I have going (French and Swedish). Also, as these screenshots demonstrate, it could get pretty entertaining.

5. Open Market

Contents: String beans, cauliflower, avocado, salmon, japchae, bean sprouts

This all-in-one lunch place by my office in FiDi has pretty average reviews but Yelp, but let me tell you: It’s got the best hot food/salad bar I’ve come across—fresh, delicious, and a good variety. I’ve been having their buffet bar for lunch pretty much anytime I buy lunch at work. TBH, they had me at the japchae.

6. @doan_ly

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ok fine i follow you to your leader

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Top image: Bard College campus


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