Winter Favorites

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Dry, dreary, and very cold, winter is not my favorite season. So finding things to appreciate and cherish has been especially important in recent weeks. Without further ado…

1. Muji Mirror

I’m obsessed with this iPhone of mirrors. Granted, there’s no magnifying glass on the back but I don’t really need it that bad. I’d rather look at its perfect, levitating minimalism everyday. (I also realized later that it’s technically the lid of a matching container; oh Muji.)

2. Kimono bathrobe

My mom got me a kimono bathrobe for Christmas and it’s been giving me life every night that I use it. It’s from T.J. Maxx (Max Studio) so I can’t find it online, but here are similar ideas…Yay hotel vibes at home!

3. Call My Agent!

All my fellow Francophiles out there, watch this on Netflix immediately!

4. Blueberries & walnuts for breakfast


Simple as that. I talked more about it in my weekly newsletter.

5. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment

Oivey. This winter has been unprecedentedly harsh on my lips and this was the product to bring them back to life. I used twice a day for five or six days to get rid of redness, itchiness, cuts, little bumps…And now that they’re revived, I also just got Vaseline and Burt’s Bees for good measure.

6. Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

I mentioned this in my skincare post, but I just have to sing its praises again. This pink clay mask is gentle and effective—it leaves my skin extra soft and really takes out those blackheads! Going from a deluxe sample to a full size recently, I also made Wednesday my mask day (that’s today!) and now I have something extra to look forward to on hump day.

7. Soupy things as my No.1 #embracingwinter strat


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