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Recent art

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I’m trying to be more “free” with making art. By that I think I just mean putting whatever’s sparking my mind on paper rather than letting the opportunity slip away. @DreamColorScheme (on Instagram at least) started out as a series of fashion illustrations, but I want to set it free a little. To house all kinds of ideas and inspirations.

Shoe Dog

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Shoe Dog, the memoir by Nike creator Phil Knight, was a very worthwhile read. It was riveting, inspiring, and frankly kind of hard to believe, as I often found myself wondering how much of it was actually true. The triumphs were so delicious and the failures were just as perfect; everybody got exactly the teachable moments they needed when they needed them. I’m guessing there’s some kind of hindsight-is-20/20 involved in the writing process and a whole […]

The Art of War Quotes

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The Art of War is a very short read, filled with legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu’s various military -isms ranging from the very specific to what can be considered life’s great wisdoms. To be honest, many points went right over my head since my mind was definitely not in the state of trying to command an army and win battles. But some other points were sufficiently clear to my civilian self. Here are my top highlights. […]

2017 ♪

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Another year, another playlist of my most memorable songs of the year. (Also realized my dream of going to a concert among a sea of lights this year at Coldplay. 😀) This is 2017….

Capital Gaines

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Over dinner recently, my mom made a comment to the effect of: Life feels both long and short. I quickly chimed in with a I’ve been feeling the same way! She didn’t like that. You’re too young to feel like that, she said. But oh well, I can’t help what I feel. Like many people privileged enough to “want to do something” with their lives, I’ve been thinking about the question of, er, what is the meaning of my […]

On Skincare

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Life / Style

Somewhere between me going to college and joining the workforce, “skincare” has turned from something I’ve casually observed my mom doing (using a simple suite of drugstore products) into this Whole Big Thing—physically and psychologically, economically and culturally. In 2017, skincare is at once: self-care, retail therapy, a hobby, potentially a medical treatment, source of entertainment and community, billion-dollar industry, and just another routine of daily life… Today, I’m only writing about my personal experience […]

The Sketchbook Project, a real #TBT

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Art / Life

A few weeks ago, I got an email that told me “Emily just viewed your sketchbook” at the Brooklyn Art Library, which, as it turns out, has been storing some 36,000 sketchbooks completed for the Sketchbook Project so far. I’d totally forgotten about doing this in 2011 (this = filling up a light Moleskine sketchbook and sending it back to the Sketchbook Project  for a roving exhibition around the country). I recall getting an email […]