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Shopping on a Budget: an Ode to Old Navy

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Odes / Style

News came out this week that Gap Inc. is shifting focus to its more profitable brands Old Navy and Athleta, while closing hundreds of Gap and Banana Republic stores, which have both been struggling to find themselves over the last several years. As an accidental Gap Visa cardholder (Naive College Me thought I was just signing up for an innocent store rewards program), none of this is surprising. While I regularly browse Gap/BR/ON to see what’s […]

Spring Favorites

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In the spirit of appreciating #thelittlethings, I’m going to take a page (steal a scene?) from my favorite Youtube vloggers and start documenting the products, books, shows, music, etc. that I’ve been loving. Without further ado, here are bits and pieces of my spring 2017 ☼ 1. Supported Fish Pose—What I do before each yoga class; it’s the perfect antidote to scrunched-up-chained-to-the-computer-desk shoulders. 2. Nature Republic Herb Lotion (Bulgarian Rose/Peach)—Both smell so good, but more importantly, it […]

Making Instagram Productive

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Life / Odes

Every new Instagram feature makes the news—an especially big splash if it’s lifted from Snapchat. But the new Instagram feature that’s giving me life isn’t one that approximates Snapchat, but one that’s more of a low-key Pinterest. Yep, I’m talking about “Collections.” When Instagram added a save-for-later/”bookmark” feature, it was already a good way to differentiate stuff you liked because-you-had-to-because-you’re-a-good-friend from stuff that, well, you might actually want to look at again. The newer “Collections” feature […]

Instagram Tour: China’s Tier 2 and Beyond

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Odes / Travel

There are specific moments when I think, Damn, it’s pretty cool to be Chinese. Like when China infallibly dominates at Olympic diving. Or anytime someone mentions “China’s 5,000-year history” (a point of contention, to be sure). Or! When I see stuff like the photo above, shot from Fubo Hill in the southeastern city of Guilin. I’ve been to five Chinese cities so far—Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Chengdu—all of which are basically Tier 1 megacities familiar to the […]

NYC after 9-5

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Life / Odes

One of the things I lament about having a relatively typical office job (especially during these fall-winter days when the sun goes down right after 4 pm) is the lack of opportunity to snap photos in glorious daylight. I know, #firstworldproblem, but entertain me. When I think of on-point Instagram accounts, I think of endless grids of dreamy things shot in natural light, blending together to form one crisp, clean aesthetic. It’s hard to get […]

Breeze, Zen

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Sometimes at work I need to look for photos to go along with articles. That’s how today, while gussying up a piece on solar energy, I stumbled upon some beautiful images of wind turbines on unsplash, a new site that offers Instagram-y “Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.” As it happens, wind farms, along with providing a promising form of renewable energy, are one of my favorite things ever. Catching one or a single […]