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On Skincare

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Somewhere between me going to college and joining the workforce, “skincare” has turned from something I’ve casually observed my mom doing (using a simple suite of drugstore products) into this Whole Big Thing—physically and psychologically, economically and culturally. In 2017, skincare is at once: self-care, retail therapy, a hobby, potentially a medical treatment, source of entertainment and community, billion-dollar industry, and just another routine of daily life… Today, I’m only writing about my personal experience […]

Fall at Storm King & Bard College

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📍 Storm King Art Center and Bard College | November 4-5, 2017 Last year, I visited Storm King for the first time and was floored by the autumnal beauty on display. My first thought was Wow. My second thought was I want to bring my family here (especially my mom, who has a rather visceral appreciation for trees). Earlier this month, it happened, and I’m so thankful. This time around, we visited a couple of weeks later in the […]

Chip and Joanna Gaines for Target…

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Today on Curbed, I updated our news post about Chip & Joanna Gaines’s upcoming collection for Target to reflect the fact that the whole product line (pricing included) is now available for preview (ahead of its November 5 arrival in stores and online)…and well, I’m very, very intrigued. Intrigued is maybe not the right word, because there’s nothing exactly groundbreaking here. But as any Fixer Upper fan would understand, everything is just so freakin’ cute, cozy, and/or Generally […]

Hay: Designs to Upgrade the Everyday

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I first heard about Hay when Kelsey Keith, our editor-in-chief at Curbed, wrote about the Danish design brand’s “pop-up” Mini Market at the MoMA Design Store in SoHo in 2015. Well, it’s 2017, and the Mini Market is still there—and I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve stopped in to find a gift for a friend, and sometimes, for myself. My first Hay purchase was a Kaleido tray by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay (as seen […]

Summer Favorites, aka A Season of Comfort Shoes

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I bought four pairs of shoes this spring/summer: Two have velcro closures, one pair are slides, and the last has a strap with elastics so it basically functions as slip-ons. This is me diving feet first into glorious Comfort Shoe Land. And it feels! So! Good! In this process, I realized that to find comfortable, well-made shoes that aren’t boring, it’s well worth checking out brands that, well, er, specialize in shoes, like Cole Haan […]

Shopping on a Budget: an Ode to Old Navy

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News came out this week that Gap Inc. is shifting focus to its more profitable brands Old Navy and Athleta, while closing hundreds of Gap and Banana Republic stores, which have both been struggling to find themselves over the last several years. As an accidental Gap Visa cardholder (Naive College Me thought I was just signing up for an innocent store rewards program), none of this is surprising. While I regularly browse Gap/BR/ON to see what’s […]

Paris and London, for the First Time

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I knew I’d go to Paris someday, but I didn’t necessarily think it would be a family trip, let alone one involving, uh, the Rubik’s Cube World Championship. But that’s how life works and I’ll gladly take it. The trip was jam-packed, really jam-packed. My brother had his cubing competition for three full days and I had to work three half days. Thank God for Paris’s 10 p.m. summer sunset, which gave us three-to-four hours of evening […]

Spring Favorites

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In the spirit of appreciating #thelittlethings, I’m going to take a page (steal a scene?) from my favorite Youtube vloggers and start documenting the products, books, shows, music, etc. that I’ve been loving. Without further ado, here are bits and pieces of my spring 2017 ☼ 1. Supported Fish Pose—What I do before each yoga class; it’s the perfect antidote to scrunched-up-chained-to-the-computer-desk shoulders. 2. Nature Republic Herb Lotion (Bulgarian Rose/Peach)—Both smell so good, but more importantly, it […]

Sephora Nice-to-Haves

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The best and worst thing about Sephora is that it never seems to run out of goodies you never knew you needed. There are many ways to run into this situation: Watching something from a beauty vlogger, trying to make the $50 minimum for free shipping, getting trapped so good by a free sample (or a birthday gift), feeling deservingly #treatyoself when the VIB $20 off email comes along… From one or more of the […]