Spring Favorites

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In the spirit of appreciating #thelittlethings, I’m going to take a page (steal a scene?) from my favorite Youtube vloggers and start documenting the products, books, shows, music, etc. that I’ve been loving. Without further ado, here are bits and pieces of my spring 2017 ☼

1. Supported Fish PoseWhat I do before each yoga class; it’s the perfect antidote to scrunched-up-chained-to-the-computer-desk shoulders.

2. Nature Republic Herb Lotion (Bulgarian Rose/Peach)—Both smell so good, but more importantly, it goes on milky/smooth, which I prefer to thick/sticky. (They’re always in stock in stores.)

3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon—First k-drama obsession in a few years! So charming, love, love, love.

4. EOS “Sweet Mint” Smooth Stick—These look so sleek and tbh, much more storage-friendly than the regular EOS balls. Also: It’s like $3.79 for two at Bed Bath & Beyond!!!

5. Umbra Woodrow trash bin in mint—I technically got this last fall, but finally evangelized about it on Curbed a couple of weeks ago.

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Making Instagram Productive

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Life / Odes

Every new Instagram feature makes the news—an especially big splash if it’s lifted from Snapchat. But the new Instagram feature that’s giving me life isn’t one that approximates Snapchat, but one that’s more of a low-key Pinterest. Yep, I’m talking about “Collections.”

When Instagram added a save-for-later/”bookmark” feature, it was already a good way to differentiate stuff you liked because-you-had-to-because-you’re-a-good-friend from stuff that, well, you might actually want to look at again. The newer “Collections” feature lets you group saved posts into categories that you can name yourself.

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K-Indie for Spring

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Spring to me is synonymous with Korean indie…K-indie! The bands I like the most—10 cm, Standing Egg—all have that addicting acoustic sound, with whimsical instrumentals and some SERIOUSLY. GOOD. VIBES. Which is all I want to feel for spring, when the weather is getting better, days are getting longer, and more fun is begging to be had. So I made a playlist.

I suppose for a singer/band to be considered “k-indie,” they can’t be signed under a major label; I don’t think that’s true of all the artists I included. For the purposes of this playlist, I’m just looking for that feeling. What feeling? Listen on…

A peek of Seattle

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Seattle is one of those places I had trouble believing exists…because how can something naturally majestic like Mt.Rainier be in the same picture as modern skyscrapers and the fricken Space Needle?

But it can and it does! I saw it with my very own eyes from Kerry Park, the elevated strip of land in the Queen Anne neighborhood where you can get a postcard view of the city, as seen above (Mt.Rainier was half-covered by clouds but you should be able to make out the base…)

Besides taking in this quintessential Seattle view, the other “sight-seeing must” on my three-day jaunt there earlier this month was the Central Library, designed by OMA in collaboration with local firm LMN.

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Beekman & Augustine

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I had the chance to check out Augustine—a new-ish brasserie in the Financial District—with some company peeps today for a rare non-sad-desk-lunch. Augustine may be No.1 on Eater’s heatmap of hot NYC restaurants right now, but I definitely went in with more interest in sneaking a peek at the newly opened Beekman Hotel, which takes over a landmarked 1890s building with an incredible nine-story atrium.

And wow oh wow oh wow! It was jaw-dropping (defined here as: I couldn’t stop taking photos—which can be considered sad, but, alas, #realtalk). It was ornate, atmospheric—kind of like the Bradbury Building in L.A.—but surprisingly more intimate…which made the depth and light of the space even more stunning.

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Sephora Nice-to-Haves

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The best and worst thing about Sephora is that it never seems to run out of goodies you never knew you needed. There are many ways to run into this situation: Watching something from a beauty vlogger, trying to make the $50 minimum for free shipping, getting trapped so good by a free sample (or a birthday gift), feeling deservingly #treatyoself when the VIB $20 off email comes along…

From one or more of the reasons listed above, I wound up trying these three products over the last year and have no regrets:

  1. GLAMGLOW POUTMUD Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment, $24

    I know, I know…you can definitely make a lip scrub on your own with brown sugar and honey or some such, but! Know thyself and I know myself…it’s not going to happen…yet. This tastes sweet, smoothens my lips with once-a-week use, and comes in the most delightful lil’ pod.

  2. Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers, $12

    This is a bit pricey for blotting sheets (though each sheet is quite large), but the packaging is everything. And the gold flakes on the papers. It’s like buying gorgeous handmade cards (that you can put on your face.)

  3. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap Overnight Perfector, $28

    I’m not exactly sure what this thing does. All I know is that it makes my hair feel softer and less greasy towards the end of the shampoo-every-other-day cycle.

Do you have a favorite beauty nice-to-have? I can’t afford to know, but would like to anyway 😉

P.S. Is there a business school case study on Sephora, because this is a company I’d really love to read more about. How was it entirely not on my radar before the middle of college? How is so good at capturing my money? How is it, as far as I can tell, doing so well during this rapidly-changing era for shopping?  Holy crap, I just wiki’d Sephora and what—how did I not even know it’s French? Who are you, mademoiselle.

All photos by me 

My Bullet Journal Experience, 3 Months In

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I‘m an unabashed notebook hoarder, with 5 or 6 actively in use for specific purposes (e.g. “work,” “health,” “projects,” “church,” etc.) and many more blank beauties waiting in the reserves. So when a deluge of trend pieces on something called the “Bullet Journal” flooded the web over the last year, I was viscerally intrigued and responsibly hesitant…am I really going to do this? Add another one? Especially something that seems to come with the expectation of “being creative,” which is code for “I probably won’t make time to do this.”

Yet for some reason—Peer encouragement? Stationery lust? A certain bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-ness fresh from moving into the city?—I passed the temptation threshold one day last October, and within minutes, had added all the Bullet Journal starter essentials to my Amazon cart (more on this later.)

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Re: Style

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One of the things I love about fashion illustrators—and I suppose illustrators/artists in general—is that they tend to have their own distinct styles. When I first started casually doing fashion sketches two years ago, all I wanted was to develop my own style.

But I thought: To get there, I’d have to experiment and keep my mind open. This means playing with different materials…which naturally lead to different levels of detail, texture, etc. Over time, I’d worked with pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolor, oil pastel, and in a few instances, glitter glue. It was fun.

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48 Hours in Savannah

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One of my resolutions for 2017 is to travel more, and the three-day weekend around Martin Luther King Jr. Day presented the first opportunity.

I wanted warmth, but didn’t want to go too far to get it, so the South was an idea. But Savannah immediately sprang to mind. Or to be accurate, it’s been hanging out in the back of my head ever since I wrote about this gorgeous 1840s Greek Revival home in the city’s Historic District. Months later came this tantalizing “walking tour” of Bull Street, which guides you through the heart of the Historic District to the enchanting Forsyth Park (its emblematic fountain seen above.)

My appetite was whet.

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