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Shoe Dog

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Shoe Dog, the memoir by Nike creator Phil Knight, was a very worthwhile read. It was riveting, inspiring, and frankly kind of hard to believe, as I often found myself wondering how much of it was actually true. The triumphs were so delicious and the failures were just as perfect; everybody got exactly the teachable moments they needed when they needed them. I’m guessing there’s some kind of hindsight-is-20/20 involved in the writing process and a whole […]

Capital Gaines

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Over dinner recently, my mom made a comment to the effect of: Life feels both long and short. I quickly chimed in with a I’ve been feeling the same way! She didn’t like that. You’re too young to feel like that, she said. But oh well, I can’t help what I feel. Like many people privileged enough to “want to do something” with their lives, I’ve been thinking about the question of, er, what is the meaning of my […]