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Wedding Planning & the Longitudinal Project

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Last year I started thinking about the idea of the “longitudinal project”—defined as an endeavor that you work on long term, incrementally, and like the research method it’s named after, doesn’t really pay off until significant time and resources have been invested—so, way into the future. I started thinking about this as an antidote to the kind of “projects” I’ve been doing lately—blog posts that take at most three to four days to pull together, […]

Capital Gaines

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Over dinner recently, my mom made a comment to the effect of: Life feels both long and short. I quickly chimed in with a I’ve been feeling the same way! She didn’t like that. You’re too young to feel like that, she said. But oh well, I can’t help what I feel. Like many people privileged enough to “want to do something” with their lives, I’ve been thinking about the question of, er, what is the meaning of my […]